Red Sweet Wine ” First Vintage ” – Agiopavlitiko Metochi Agios Nikolaos – Mount Athos


Mount Athos Monastic red sweet wine ” First Harvest” of the organic vineyard of the metochion of Agios Nikolaos.

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The low yield per hectare and manual harvesting of Mount Athos Organic Vineyard in combination with traditional vinification contributes to the production of quality sweet wine of dark purple color with special aromas, rich body with strong aftertaste and robust tannins.

Characteristics: Dark purple color, rich body, special aromas with strong aftertaste and robust tannins.
Accompanies: Game, red meat, ripe yellow cheeses, variety of cold cuts, fruits.
Served: At 17-18°C.
Alcohol: 12,5 %

The Agios

Pavlitiko Metochi of Agios Nikolaos, in the area of Monoxilite, is surrounded by pine forest, large gardens of herbs and aromatic plants and organic vineyards that are cared for with endless love and zeal, in collaboration and supervision by the American Farm School. It is located in a place with many running waters, excellent soil composition and excellent environmental microclimate. The biodiversity that can be encountered impresses even the most demanding nature lover, in a location where there were olive groves and vineyards from the end of the first millennium. The unique route of the river and its end, in the sea waves of the “Three Brothers”, give life to the rich familiar flora and fauna of Metochi.

Net Weight : 750ml

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