Privacy Policy

At MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY we respect the personal data of every visitor to the website.

This text (called the Privacy Policy and Statement of Personal Data Protection – hereinafter the “Statement”) explains in simple terms, but also clearly, how we process the personal data that we collect from you or that you provide to us.

Please read this Statement carefully to learn about how we collect, store, use, transfer and protect the information/personal data we receive from you.



THE MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY collects and keeps exclusively the personal data that you disclose to it by entering the requested personal information in the respective fields and/or your answers in the context of specific actions carried out by the MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY and you can voluntarily participate and it is the minimum necessary for its proper operation.

In the context of the obligation to safeguard and protect the information of its customers, AGIOREITIKI KILEROMIA undertakes to protect and use in an appropriate manner the personal data collected either online from this website or through communication/collaboration with any third party.


Necessary Information for each transaction:

  • First name
  • Address (Street, City, Postal Code)
  • Shipping address of the order
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Type of Document (Receipt, Invoice)

At the same time, we ask that you optionally fill in some additional information that will make your navigation and communication with our company even better.

These items are:

  • Fax Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Document Data: In case we issue an invoice, we need the name of the company, A.F.M. and address of its headquarters.

In summary, we only ask for as much information as we need so that you can enjoy an exceptional shopping experience: consistent delivery of the products you ordered, secure payment of your order, and personalized service based on your needs and preferences.

MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY only collects the personal data voluntarily provided by you, our online visitors, so that we can satisfy your requests, provide you with information about our products and services and serve you in the best possible way . Where additional, optional information is sought, you will be notified at the time it is collected.


In particular:

Collection and purposes of use of personal data

Personal data is collected only if you voluntarily choose to provide it — for example, if you contact us by email or if you register as a customer of AGIOREITIKI KILERONOMIA’s products and services.

The use of the products and services provided by, including the provision of online ordering services for the products of AGIORETIKI KILERONOMIA, presupposes ensuring the possibility of communication with you. Therefore, it is necessary during your registration on the website to declare the true personal data that will be requested from you, as specified above.

By subscribing to the services provided by you also consent to the storage and use of your personal data in accordance with this Statement. We are allowed to process your personal data in order to provide personalized services, based on the law (Article 6(1b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679). Your personal data is not used for purposes other than those described in the Statement, unless we obtain your prior permission, or unless this is required or permitted by law.


The purpose of the collection, use and processing of your personal data is:

(a) the provision of the services and products that you request through the website, for the receipt of which it is necessary to use and/or process them, e.g. online orders and the subsequent implementation of contractual obligations, in the context of execution, delivery and invoicing of orders under optimal conditions and in the most efficient way,

(b) the promotion of products and services provided by AHIORITIKI LEGACY especially through,

(c) providing personalized services and facilitating the ordering process, for the convenience of the user and / or to ensure that the content of the website is presented in the most efficient way for you and your computer.


MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY only collects “sensitive” personal data when you voluntarily provide us with such data or when such data is required or permitted by law. We advise you to refrain from providing sensitive data, unless this is required for the purpose of providing the personal data or if you hereby consent to the use of this data by AHIORITICA HERITAGE for its purposes.

MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY may seek your permission for certain uses of your personal data, and you may either consent to or decline such uses. If you wish to receive specific services or communications, such as an electronic newsletter, you will be able to unsubscribe from the relevant list of recipients at any time by following the instructions contained in each communication. If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or communication, we will try to delete your data as soon as possible, although we may need some time and/or information before we can process your request.

Access to Personal Data and Rights

If you wish, you can request at any time to be informed about your personal data held by the AGIOREITIKI HERITAGE, their recipients, the purpose of keeping and processing them as well as their modification, correction or deletion, by sending a relevant email to the address info@ψ from the electronic contact address you have declared. You also have the right to review the personal data we hold and generally to exercise any right provided by the legislation for the protection of personal data.

The personal data that you disclose to AGIORITIKI LIROMONIA through, either during your registration or at a later stage, are collected and are used and processed in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, and specifically, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006, as applicable, but also of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection.


You retain the following rights in detail:

  • Right to information about your personal data: Upon your request, we will provide you with information about the personal data we hold about you.
  • Right to correct and complete your personal data: Once you notify us, we will correct any inaccurate personal data concerning you. We will complete incomplete data if you notify us, provided that this data is necessary for the purposes of processing your data.
  • Right to delete your personal data: Upon your request, we will delete the personal data we hold about you. However, some data will only be deleted after a specified retention period, for example because in some cases we are required by law to retain the data, or because the data is required to fulfill our contractual obligations to you.
  • Right to freeze your personal data: In certain cases provided by law, we will freeze your data if you ask us to do so. Further processing of reserved data takes place only to a very limited extent.
  • Right to withdraw your consent: You can at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data in the future. The lawfulness of the processing of your data remains unaffected by this action, until the point of withdrawal of your consent.
  • Your right to object to the processing of your data: You can at any time object to the processing of your personal data in the future if we process your data on the basis of one of the legal justifications provided for in Article 6 ( 1e or 1f) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. If you object, we will stop processing your data, provided there are no legitimate grounds for further processing. Processing your data for advertising purposes does not constitute a legitimate reason.

Transmission of Personal Data

THE MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY does not share or transmit personal data with third parties, unless this is required for the legitimate professional purposes and business needs, in order to respond to your requests and/or as required or permitted by law. In any case, access to your personal data is allowed only to authorized persons who are required to have access in order to be able to complete the purposes of their collection, use and processing, as disclosed in this Statement.

In some cases, AGIORITE HERITAGE may share your personal data with various companies or service providers that cooperate with it, in order to respond to your requests or with natural or legal persons entrusted with the processing, provided that we will notify you in advance and obtain your prior consent. Persons who have access to the data are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of that data.

THE MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY reserves the right to use the information you provide to it via in a way that does not identify or disclose the person to whom it relates, for statistical, promotional, research or even advertising purposes, disclosing it and to third parties, e.g. research companies responsible for the completion of the above purposes.

Security of Personal Data

THE MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY implements specific technical and organizational security procedures in order to protect personal data and information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Our partners who support us in the operation of this website also comply with these provisions.

MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY makes every reasonable effort to keep the personal data collected only for the period for which it needs the data for the purpose for which it was collected or until its deletion is requested (if this occurs earlier), unless it continues to observe them according to the provisions of the current legislation.

Revisions to the Statement

THE MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY reserves the right to modify or revise this Statement from time to time, at its absolute discretion. If changes are made, MOUNT ATHOS LEGACY will record the date of amendment or revision to this Statement and the updated Statement will apply to you from that date. We encourage you to periodically review this Statement to review any changes to the way we manage your personal data. This Statement was last updated on February 7, 2022.



In order to be able to offer a personalized service, most large companies use alphanumeric identification files, so-called cookies. Session cookies are only used to recognize that you are entering the site, so that you do not need to be asked for a password on all pages that include data transactions. These are deleted immediately after you leave the site. The website uses session cookies: in order not to constantly ask you for a password when you visit our various pages, we should recognize you when you enter our online store.

Why do we use cookies?

Our primary goal is to constantly upgrade the navigation experience of our site visitors. In order to achieve this and to meet your every need, we use information that relates exclusively to your preferences when browsing our site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information, in the form of very small text, usually consisting of letters and numbers, stored in the browser you use (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), helping the more efficient operation of our site. There are 4 different types of cookies:

Functionality Cookies

They allow the execution of basic functions of the site, such as adding products to the cart and saving products to the wishlist.

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These cookies “remember” your preferences while browsing our site, so that we can recommend the appropriate products based on your needs.

Advertising Cookies

With advertising cookies, we aim to show you ads relevant to your interests so that we don’t bother you with spam.

Analytics Cookies

They enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of various functions of our site, so that we can continuously improve the experience we offer you.

Our company, with the aim of improving the services it provides, has integrated the BestPrice 360 Analytics tool on this website, in the context of extracting statistics and performance data from the participation of its online store in the corresponding product price comparison platform, in which he participates. BestPrice Analytics 360 allows the transmission to of anonymous data, regarding the movement of of users on this website (such as a visit or online order) to derive the corresponding statistical results and to improve marketing actions. In addition, only if you have given your consent to save orders through the corresponding option in your profile, every order you register online will be automatically saved in your profile. This feature serves exclusively to store the basic order details (such as order code, products, etc.) without transmitting any personal data contained in your order. This possibility is in no way related to the processing of the order, for which our company is responsible and responsible. More information on the possibility of storing your orders on, press here .