Balsamic Vinegar with Barbeque Flavor – Monastic Product


A special balsamic vinegar enriched with Barbeque flavor. A fine monastic food product that will give unforgettable taste and “Mount Athos” aromas to your recipes.


100% Natural Monastic Product
Net Weight: 250ml

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Balsamic Vinegar with Barbeque Flavor from the Garden of the Virgin Mary

Balsamic vinegar with Barbeque flavor is made from 100% natural ingredients following a genuine Mount Athos recipe. It contains all the beneficial properties of vinegar, while it is ideal for cooking, thanks to its special aromas. The herbs used for its production are collected exclusively by hand, from the virgin lands of Mount Athos. The cultivation and collection of herbs is done by monks from Kellio with great care and care.


Vinegar – Nutritional Value:

The benefits of vinegar to the human body are many. In particular, it has antimicrobial and antioxidant activity. It also lowers blood glucose levels, while helping to lower cholesterol and has an anti-hypertensive effect. At the same time, research shows that it helps people with osteoporosis, as it increases the absorption of calcium by the body, as well as non-heme iron, while it has been found that the consumption of vinegar contributes positively to the treatment of obesity.

Vinegar, as it is known, is a great natural preservative for meats, fish and vegetables, it is used as a main ingredient in marinades, while if we add it to baked food, all the acidity evaporates and only its rich aroma remains.


Ingredients: Balsamic vinegar, Naturally grown tomato, Sugar


100% Natural Monastic Product
Net Weight: 250

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