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Authentic monastic delights made with a traditional recipe and pure ingredients. They are always kept fresh in their special packaging. They perfectly accompany your coffee and are an ideal gift for your visits.

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Monastery Loukoumia with pure ingredients

The monastery loukoumias are prepared with the purest ingredients, according to the traditional recipe, by the nuns at the monastery of the Holy Forerunner. With the use of pure ingredients, the result is a box full of fragrant and delicious delights. They perfectly accompany your coffee as well as all the pleasant moments of your life.

Lukumi is a traditional sweet of Turkish cuisine. It has been made in Turkey since the 15th century, and its original name was rahat hulkum, a corruption of which is the word Turkish delight. It is served in small cube-shaped pieces, and often contains almond, while it is available in several flavors, the most common of which are rose (red Turkish delight), bergamot (green Turkish delight) and mastiha (yellow Turkish delight).

If you preserve the monastery loukumi according to the monks’ instructions, you will enjoy every piece fresh, until the last opening. Make a gift to yourself or to your loved ones during one of your visits, choosing the monastery loukumi from I.M. of the Holy Forerunner.

Monastery delights are contained in a beautiful and original package that keeps all their freshness after each opening.

Keep the product in a clean and cool place, avoiding exposure to moisture and sunlight.


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