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Authentic Pine Honey from Mount Athos. It is a product of organic cultivation and excellent nutritional value. Ideal food for athletes, children and people with intense physical and mental activity. In addition, it helps in the treatment of cough, sore throat and gout.

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Mount Athos Pine Honey:

Mount Athos Pine Honey is collected by monks of Mount Athos as a deacon. It is packaged by them, with passion and great care and is an authentic monastic product. The Mount Athos fathers, respecting the goods that the Lord has offered us and following only natural processing methods, offer us pure pine honey of excellent quality.


Pine honey has a special and characteristic color, which depends on the period of its production. The color of pine honey is found in shades from dark yellow to light brown. Pine honey produced in spring has a lighter color and greater clarity than that produced in autumn. As honey it is not particularly sweet, due to its low glucose content while its aroma is spicy and unusual reminiscent of that of iodine. Pine honey crystallizes slowly, due to its low glucose content, and pure pine honey can remain fluid for a long time exceeding one and a half years.

The nutritional value of pine honey is particularly high thanks to the large number of minerals and trace elements it contains. Magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and copper are some of the minerals and trace elements found in its composition. It also contains carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes which makes it an ideal food for athletes, children and people with intense physical and mental activity. Its low sugar and glucose content allows it to be consumed by all age groups. Finally, it has a particularly low caloric value since 15 grams correspond to 46 calories.

Scientific research has highlighted pine honey as one of the most important types of honey in terms of its properties. It has been proven that pine honey has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action while it also helps treat cough, sore throat and gout. The low pH in combination with the high content of hydrogen peroxide acts preventively to deal with a wide range of microorganisms. In addition, it has tonic properties, increases heart rate and reduces problems associated with ulcers and has antimicrobial properties.

It does not contain preservatives, chemicals, added sugars or dyes.

Origin: Mount Athos


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