Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia – Pyrography


Unique pyrography with the rare depiction of Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia. This image combines the art of engraving with that of pyrography, giving an excellent embossed result. You will find it in a large collection in “Mount Athos Heritage”.


DIMENSIONS: 8 Χ 13,5 cm

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His Holiness Arsenios the Cappadocian was born around 1840 AD in Farasa or Varassio, in the Kefalochori of the six Christian villages of the Farassa region of Cappadocia. His parents were rich in virtues and mediocre in goods. They had two boys, Vlasios and Theodoros (Saint Arsenios).

From an early age they were orphaned and protected by their aunt, their mother’s sister. A miraculous event that happened to the children and the miraculous rescue of little Theodore by Saint George that saved him from certain drowning, resulted in Vlasios giving himself in his own way to God, praising him as a teacher of Byzantine Music and later ending up in Constantinople, and for Theodore wanting to become a monk.

Growing up, he was sent to Nigde and then to Smyrna where he finished his studies.

At the age of twenty-six he went to the Flavian Monastery of Timios Prodromos (Zinzi-Dere) where he later became a monk and took the name Arsenios. Unfortunately, however, he did not enjoy his peace very much, because at that time they were in great need of teachers and Metropolitan Paisios II ordained him Diakos and sent him to Farasa to teach letters to the abandoned children. This, of course, was done in secret, with a thousand and two precautions, so that the Turks would not learn anything. In the thirtieth year of his age he was ordained in Caesarea as an elder with the title of Archimandrite and the blessing as a Spiritualist.

Pyrography: Features

Pyrography is an art that attracts many creators because of the impressive results that can be achieved. It is a painting technique where the two primordial elements of Nature, wood and fire, are used. With patience and attention to detail, the monks create the fire-painted image, paying great attention to the error as it is not corrected as it is done with a pencil.

This image combines the art of engraving with that of pyrography, giving an excellent embossed result.

DIMENSIONS: 8 Χ 13,5 cm

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