Tincture of Ladania – Against Viruses and Flu – Monastic Recipe


Cistus tincture strengthens the immune system, has a strong effect against viruses and flu. In addition, it helps lower cholesterol and helps protect heart disease.

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Cistus tincture strengthens the immune system, has a powerful effect against viruses and flu. It helps lower cholesterol and helps protect heart disease. It has antioxidant action, reduces oxidative damage of the body, destroys free radicals and prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, is suitable for digestive problems and colitis, It also protects the intestine from fungal infections.

Cistus tincture contains a high amount of polyphenols from any plant in Europe. The shoot and leaves contain balsam resin. The resin has antimicrobial and cytostatic activity. Tincture of phylania destroys the free radicals of the body and for this reason, has great antioxidant activity. Also, their beneficial properties have a decisive role and prevent the formation of tumors because it prevents cell proliferation. Tincture of Ladanias significantly reduces oxidative damage to tissues, strengthening the body and preventing cancer. In addition, it reduces the oxidation of blood lipids, increasing the levels of good cholesterol and reducing respectively the levels of bad cholesterol, making it difficult for heart diseases to occur. Also, cistus tincture is stronger than vitamin E and C.

The history of ladania or kistos seems to start from the period of Arab rule, when the exploitation of the plant in Crete began. Herodotus and Diouskourides describe in their texts that the collection of labdanum resin was not made directly from the plant but from the beards of goats, who ate the leaves of the ladanias. Later, The collection of resin was done with a tool, similar to a rake. This tool was made of leather strips, which encapsulated the herb between them. In addition, Diouskourides (500 BC), a well-known physician and botanist of the time, mentions very characteristically in his texts that olive oil has healing and emollient properties. He also used it to strengthen hair and treat oral diseases, for example gum problems.

It is also noted that the Roman physician Celsus used cladum as a patch in malignant sarcomas and as an ointment against hair loss. The Persian Avicenna also believed that labdanum effectively helped to soften the stomach.

What is Tincture:

The tincture is created by soaking herbs in an alcoholic solution (grappa), usually for a period of a few weeks. During this time, the active ingredients of the herbs are dissolved in the alcoholic solution. This process results in the tincture retaining to the fullest all the beneficial properties of the herbs.

Herbal drops are highly concentrated herbal extracts in a natural alcoholic solution. They retain all their active ingredients and are completely natural.


15-20 drops in water twice a day for a month. Pause for ten days and repeat. Shake before use.


Avoid use by children under 12 years of age during pregnancy, breastfeeding and medication.


Water, ethyl alcohol, natural cultivation.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a dark and cool place for about two years.

Net weight 50ml

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