Burdock tincture – Arktio Lappa – Karyes Mount Athos


The authentic Burdock Tincture from Mount Athos helps in a natural way to deal with the symptoms caused by the “overload” of toxins in our body.

Net weight: 50ml
Origin: Mount Athos

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The monks on Mount Athos prepare an excellent monastic product, Burdock tincture.

Burdock is one of the most important herbs for detoxification and is used to treat symptoms caused by toxin “overload”. It is also used to treat eczema, psoriasis, allergies, itching, lichen, monks, acne, herpes, rashes, bites, burns. It also helps effectively in cases of arthritic, rheumatism, sciatica and gout. It is an excellent diuretic for the treatment of kidney and bile stones. 

Dosage of monastic tincture

Dissolve 10 drops in a little water before each main meal, 3 times a day.

– Proposed use duration of one month.

– Caution should not be used carelessly and without expert input.

Net weight 50ml / 100% natural Mount Athos product produced in Greece.



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