Tincture of Candida – For removal of intestinal microorganisms – Monastic Recipe


Candida tincture reduces candida fungus and at the same time removes the annoying symptoms it causes.

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Candida tincture is

mainly used to remove candida microorganisms. Candida is a microorganism found naturally in the small intestine. However, many times the multiplication of the bacterium makes it pathogenic and gives it a root-like form. These rhizomes invade the walls of the intestine and expand into the blood, creating unwanted symptoms. More specifically, The candida bacterium increases due to poor diet, excessive consumption of sugar, carbohydrates and taking antibiotic drugs. The symptoms brought to the body by the microorganism are intense fatigue, reduction of the immune system, mood problems, digestive and intestinal disorders, bloating, weak nails and skin problems such as dryness, eczema and itching. Natural candi drops reduce candida bacteria while removing the annoying symptoms it causes. It protects against the proliferation of the microorganism and strengthens the immune system. Candida tincture in combination with a balanced diet restores health to the body, tones it, fights pathogenic microorganisms and normalizes digestive disorders.

What is Tincture:

The tincture is created by soaking herbs in an alcoholic solution (grappa), usually for a period of a few weeks. During this time, the active ingredients of the herbs are dissolved in the alcoholic solution. This process results in the tincture retaining to the fullest all the beneficial properties of the herbs.

Herbal drops are highly concentrated herbal extracts in a natural alcoholic solution. They retain all their active ingredients and are completely natural.


15-20 drops in water twice a day for a month. Pause for ten days and repeat. Shake before use.


Avoid use by children under 12 years of age during pregnancy, breastfeeding and medication.


Water, ethyl alcohol, echinacea, oregano, wormwood and carnation of natural cultivation.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a dark and cool place for about two years.

Net weight 50ml

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