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The soap with Orange has a beneficial effect on skin diseases such as acne, but also on the prevention of premature aging of the skin. It deeply cleanses the skin while giving the skin a glow, keeping it soft. Ideal for everyday use.

Ideal for use on the body and face

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Agioreitiko Soap with Orange is a genuine monastery product.

The monks follow authentic traditional recipes of Mount Athos and make excellent quality soaps, with beneficial properties for the human body. For their preparation, 100% natural ingredients are used which come from the virgin lands of Mount Athos.
The soap with Orange helps you to get healthy and glowing skin in the most natural way. It contributes to the prevention of acne, but also to the delay of skin aging. Deeply cleanses the skin, while offering gentle detoxification and skin hydration.
A bath with Orange soap will give a youthful glow and soft skin, while it will rid the skin of toxins, keeping it firm and soft.

Ideal for use on the body and face.

Orange – Properties:
Orange is rich in vitamin C and is a strong ally against infections. Vitamin C has the ability to retain moisture in the skin so that it is constantly hydrated.

It eliminates body toxins preventing and effectively treating the appearance of acne, while it contributes to the restoration of collagen preventing premature aging of the skin.

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