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An extremely beneficial monastic product to relieve easily and naturally from nail mycosis.
Net Weight: 50ml

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Monastic mild antiseptic for mycosis of nails

Monastic antiseptic for the treatment of nail mycosis is a 100% natural product. It is made by the monk Simeon in the Holy Cell of Kazanska.

With knowledge and passion, the monk follows the wise traditional monastic recipes and prepares handmade products, aiming at the relief of man. With pure ingredients and the experience of tradition, he created the monastic antiseptic for nail mycosis.

Mild antiseptic for nail mycosis: properties

Antiseptic for nail mycosis possesses powerful action and cleansing properties. The results of its use are visible as it restores odors from damaged nails.

It has antimicrobial properties and treats a wide range of germs, fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is used against infections as well as nail and finger fungus.

Oil for nail mycosis: Use

In a clean and dry area, apply 3-4 times daily, at least for a week. Then, depending on the size of the mycosis, we gradually reduce the spreads.

For the feet:

It is advisable to use a new towel and socks every time.

Origin: Holy Cell of Kazanskas – Holy Monastery of Stavronikita
Net Weight: 50ml

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