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Flaxseed belongs to the superfood family and is beneficial for regulating sugar and cholesterol. It also offers wellness and helps strengthen the digestive system.

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Superfood Flaxseed from Monasteries of Greece.

Flaxseed belongs to the family of superfoods and not unfairly.

Flaxseed helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, helps with weight management and improves digestive health.

Dosage: Place a teaspoon of brown flaxseed oil in a glass of water and let it stand overnight. Drink the water with the seeds the next morning. Alternatively, boil 20 gr. dried seeds in a liter of water for 5 minutes and filter. Drink a cup every morning and evening after eating. Flaxseed can also be enjoyed in salads, yogurt and other healthy snacks. It is better to use it ground, for easier digestion.

Keep in a shady and cool place.

Origin: Greek Monasteries
Net Weight: 45gr

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