Spoon Sweet Quince – Monastic Recipe


This extremely tasty spoon sweet is made with an authentic monastic recipe and contains at least 55% quince. It is admittedly one of the most beautiful spoon sweets with a unique aroma and an amazing aftertaste. It is an excellent choice for dessert during fasting periods.

After opening, keep in the refrigerator.

Net Weight : 380g


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Quince Spoon Sweet

Quince spoon sweet made with an authentic monastic recipe. Traditionally made in small copper pots, as in the old days, from selected fresh fruits through the garden of Panagia, only with sugar and without water. So they retain the wonderful taste of fresh fruit.

Quince: Nutrients

The quince, known as the “golden apple”, symbolized fertility and well-being in ancient Greece. Today it is one of the most important health allies of the fruit family. It is an autumn fruit and its best season is from October to February.

Quince belongs to the golden, antioxidant foods that reduce cholesterol and sugar levels, as well as blood pressure. It is considered an anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiallergic food. It is also astringent, that is, it fights diarrhea. However, it is also suitable (due to fiber) for the treatment of constipation. It also neutralizes food fats and binds to the colon any carcinogens and hazardous food chemicals. At the same time, the copper and potassium it contains take care of the health of the heart and thyroid.

After opening, keep in the refrigerator.

Net Weight : 380g

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