Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Monoxylite” – 500ml – Agios Nikolaos Metochi – Mount Athos (Copy)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Monoxylitis” from Agiopaulitiko Metochi of Agios Nikolaos on Mount Athos.

Available in packages of: 500ml, 750ml, 1lt, 3lt and 5lt.

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Extra virgin olive oil is the product with the highest quality participation in the Mediterranean diet and in fact, with a daily consumption requirement. Historical reports identify the first production of olive oil around 4,000 BC. Throughout time and beyond eating, its use is also known in other applications, such as in pharmaceuticals and natural cosmetics, and it has a special place in Orthodox Christian ceremonies. Its beneficial properties make it a uniquely important product for human health, as it has been linked to the fight against cardiovascular and brain diseases, while continuous scientific research continuously discovers new beneficial elements, giving it valuable value.

The monks collect the rich Agioreite olives from olive groves dating back centuries and produce only extra virgin olive oil through cold pressing, rich in nutritional value, with a velvety texture and taste, ideal for any culinary creation of yours.

The Agiopaulitiko Metochi of Agios Nikolaos, in the Monoxylitis area, is surrounded by a pine forest, large gardens of herbs and aromatic plants and organic vineyards that are cared for with endless love and zeal, in cooperation and supervision by the American Agricultural School. It is located in a place with many running waters, excellent soil composition and an excellent environmental microclimate. The biodiversity that can be found impresses even the most demanding nature lover, in a location where there have been olive groves and vines since the end of the first millennium. The unique route of the river and its end, in the sea waves of the “Three Sisters”, give life to the rich familiar flora and fauna of Metochion.

Available in packages of: 500ml, 750ml, 1lt, 3lt and 5lt.


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