Orange jam – monastic recipe


Handmade traditional monastic orange jam made with pure ingredients that offers a large amount of vitamins to our body while having few calories. Ideal product for fasting periods.

After opening, keep in the refrigerator.

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Handmade Orange Jam from Fresh Fruits!

Handmade monastic orange jam from whole fresh fruits, made with love and passion from small Cells and Sketes of Mount Athos.

It is prepared based on an authentic monastic recipe. It stands out for its wonderful color, its fruity aroma and its unique taste.

It will give a unique taste to your breakfast while it is wonderfully combined with crepes, tarts and cakes.

The exclusive use of fresh fruit and the handmade production process keep the quality of the jam unchanged.

Orange: Nutrients

Flavonoids and especially hesperidin in oranges may have a protective effect against heart diseases. It is a good source of citric acid and citrates, which are believed to prevent kidney stones.

Oranges are high in organic acids such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and citric acid. Both vitamin C and citric acid increase the absorption of iron by the body through the digestive tract. When we eat oranges along with other foods that contain iron, we reduce the chances of developing anemia.

After opening, keep in the refrigerator.

Net Weight : 380g

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