Chestnut Honey from Mount Athos


Authentic Chestnut Honey from Mount Athos. It is a product of organic cultivation and excellent nutritional value. Ideal for flavor combinations. Chestnut honey is also recommended for people with diabetes (sugar problems).

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Mount Athos Chestnut Honey:

Mount Athos Chestnut Honey is collected by monks of Mount Athos as a deacon. It is packaged by them, with passion and great care and is an authentic monastic product. The Mount Athos fathers, respecting the goods that the Lord has offered us and following only natural processing methods, offer us pure chestnut honey of excellent quality.


Mount Athos Chestnut Honey is particularly nutritious as it has a high content of pollen grains. Research has shown that Chestnut honey has significant antimicrobial activity against various microorganisms, such as staphylococcus, enterococcus, Helicobacter pylori and the two species of candida. It also has high bacteriostatic activity due to the property of honey produced from chestnut flowers to prevent the development of bacterial attacks in humans.

Chestnut honey has a bitter taste, which means that compared to other types of honey it contains fewer sugars. In fact, as beekeepers explain, these sugars have been found to contain a higher percentage of fructose and lower glucose. Fructose is the substance with which sweeteners intended for people with diabetes are usually made, while in particular the fructose of honey is better absorbed by the body. That’s why chestnut honey is recommended to elderly people, as well as people with sugar problems. The above information does not constitute medical advice and is provided for informational purposes only.

The flowering of chestnut trees on Mount Athos is favored when it is preceded by mild weather conditions and rainy weather. Bees store quantities of pollen that are valuable for rearing fry later in pine. Flowering in early June, which lasts twelve days if the weather permits, is important for beehives.

It does not contain preservatives, chemicals, added sugars or dyes.

Origin: Mount Athos


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