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Unique gold-embroidered fabric with a gold-colored frame.

It is a special gift for you or your loved ones.

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Unique gold-embroidered fabric with gold-colored frame.
The image is crafted on a loom machine with metallic threads in various hues to bring out its beauty and excellence with bold and vibrant colors.
It is a special gift for you or your loved ones.

Weaving Art

Weaving is an ancient art, because it covers one of the basic needs of man, the need to warm his body and to protect himself from the elements of nature. Weaving, belongs to Folk Art, and is, together with embroidery and knitting, the three forms of handicraft that cover the needs of every housewife in clothing for the home and for individuals. It has been considered women’s work since the time of Homer (Penelope, Circe). It is unknown to us when and where the weaving technique first began. Excavations have shown that weaving originated in Egypt.Later than Mesopotamia and newer excavations pointed to South Siberia as the country of origin. Ever since man replaced the sheepskin of the animal with a piece of cloth, we have the beginning of the textile industry. In Greece it begins with the Neolithic era. Plant and animal materials (cotton, flax, wool, silk) were used as textile fibers.


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