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Unique pyrography with the rare depiction of St. John the Theologian. This image combines the art of engraving with that of pyrography, giving an excellent embossed result. You will find it in a large collection in “Mount Athos Heritage”.

DIMENSIONS: 13 Χ 7,5 cm

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John the Evangelist, the beloved disciple of the Lord, “who fell from the pillar of Jesus”, is the one who wrote the Gospel according to John, as well as the three Catholic Epistles that bear his name.

The memory of Apostle John is celebrated on September 26. Today’s celebration is associated with the emergence of miraculous dust from the tomb of the Evangelist, through the miraculous action of the Holy Spirit, which the locals called “earthly mother”.

John the Evangelist, after foreseeing that he was going to be transferred from the present life to the eternal and endless life, received his disciples and went out of Ephesus. There, at one point, he indicated that a tomb should be opened. Once this was done, he went inside alive and slept in peace. This tomb henceforth became a source of remedies.

The Synaxis of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John was held in his illustrious church, which was located in the place called Evdomon, in today’s Makrochori of Constantinople. About this temple in the Seventh, which existed at the end of the 4th century AD, we know about it from Socrates Scholasticus. During the 9th century AD the temple of Theologos was overwhelmed, perhaps due to earthquakes or weather influences and that is why the emperor Basil of Macedon built it from the ground.

Pyrography: Features

Pyrography is an art that attracts many creators because of the impressive results that can be achieved. It is a painting technique where the two primordial elements of Nature, wood and fire, are used. With patience and attention to detail, the monks create the fire-painted image, paying great attention to the error as it is not corrected as it is done with a pencil.

This image combines the art of engraving with that of pyrography, giving an excellent embossed result.

DIMENSIONS: 13 Χ 7,5 cm

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