Agia Anna – Sandblasting Gold Printing – Mount Athos


Sandblasting gold printing with Agia Anna. A special icon that can decorate your space, always having by your side the protection and blessing of Agia Anna.


Dimensions: 14,5 x 18 x 0,5 cm.
Origin: Mount Athos



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Sandblasting gold printing with Agia Anna

An amazing gold print with Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

According to Orthodox tradition, Saint Anne came from the tribe of Levi. Her father, who was a priest, was named Matthan and her mother Mary. Saint Anne married Joachim in Galilee and was entitled to have the great honor and happiness of having a unique daughter, the mother of the Savior of the world.

After St. Anne weaned the Virgin Mary and dedicated her to God, she spent the rest of her life fasting, praying and giving alms to the poor. Finally, she peacefully surrendered her righteous soul to God, inheriting the eternal goods.

A beautiful temple in honor of Saint Anna was built in Constantinople around 550 AD by the emperor Justinian. There is a relic of the Saint in the Mount Athos skete of Agia Anna, in the Church of Agia Anna Katerini, as well as elsewhere. The conception of Saint Anna is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on December 9 and her repose on July 25.

Sandblasted Gold Printing: Features

In the icon with the representation of Saint Anna, the hagiographer monk used the technique of gold printing creating a work of unique beauty. Gold-stamping is a kind of hot-stamping technique. Hot-stamping is the method by which very thin metal gold sheet is placed on surfaces such as wood, leather, cardboard, plastic by pressing a heated embossed plate (plate) on our surface. Around the image you also use the technique of sandblasting, it is the technical treatment that achieves the corrosion of part or all of a surface by pouring sand under pressure.


Dimensions: 14,5 x 18 x 0,5 cm.
Origin: Mount Athos


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Weight 0,130 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 18 × 0,5 cm

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