Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni – Sandblasting Gold Printing – Mount Athos


Sandblasting gold printing with Saints Constantine and Helen. A special icon that can decorate your space always having the protection and blessing of the Saints next to you.


Dimensions: 14,5 x 18 x 0,5 cm.
Origin: Mount Athos

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Sandblasting gold printing with Saints Constantine and Helen

An amazing gold print with Saints Constantine and Helen.

Saint Constantine wears a purple cloak and a gold cord decorated, which is wrapped and symbolizes the shroud and the resurrection of Christ. With a pink cloak and gold cord, Saint Helena is depicted wearing a blue head cover.

The faces of Saints Constantine and Helen express austerity while at the same time giving off a heavenly sweetness.

Saint Helen is the patron saint of blacksmiths because along with the Holy Cross she found the iron nails with which they crucified Christ, while the Greek people have associated many traditions with her name. Along with her son Constantine, they are also considered patrons of pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Sandblasted Gold Printing: Features

In the icon with the representation of Saints Constantine and Helen, the hagiographer monk used the technique of gold printing creating a work of unique beauty. Gold-stamping is a kind of hot-stamping technique. Hot-stamping is the method by which very thin metal gold sheet is placed on surfaces such as wood, leather, cardboard, plastic by pressing a heated embossed plate (plate) on our surface. Around the image you also use the technique of sandblasting, it is the technical treatment that achieves the corrosion of part or all of a surface by pouring sand under pressure.


Dimensions: 14,5 x 18 x 0,5 cm.
Origin: Mount Athos

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Weight 0,130 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 18 × 0,5 cm


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