Agios Dionysios Zakynthos – Lithograph – Mount Athos

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The lithograph Agios Dionysios of Zakynthos is crafted with precision and fidelity to the original. It is hand-finished and coated with pure beeswax to protect it from the ravages of time. It follows the Mount Athos style.

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Origin: Mount Athos


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Agios Dionysios of Zakynthos: Life

Agios Dionysios was born in 1547 AD in Aegialos, Zakynthos. His family was wealthy and aristocratic. He was brought up with the teachings of the gospel and excelled in letters and virtue. As soon as he reached adulthood, he became involved in gospel teaching and charity.

A little later he became a monk in the Strofades Monastery, under the name Daniel. Despite his reservations about the heavy responsibility of the priesthood, he was anointed a priest by the local bishop.

In 1577 A.D. he went to Athens to travel to Jerusalem. The high priest of Athens, Nicanor, heard his brilliant sermon and insisted that Dionysius become bishop. After many requests, Nicanor consecrated him bishop of Aegina and gave him the name Dionysius.

Saint Dionysios performed his pastoral duties with great love and devotion. When he fell ill, he resigned and returned to Zakynthos. Until 1579 AD he was temporary bishop of the island. Then he retired to the Monastery of Theotokos Anafonitria.

The Saint of Forgiveness

Surviving documents testify to the deadly hatred of the Sigouros and Mondinos families of Zakynthos. Fights often took place between them. In one of them, the brother of Saint Dionysios, Konstantinos Sigouros, was murdered. His killer, in his attempt to escape, sought refuge in the monastery where the abbot was Saint Dionysios, without knowing the kinship he had with the victim.

When the murderer arrived at the monastery, Dionysius asked him why he was seeking refuge. After constant questions, he confessed that he murdered Konstantinos and the Sigouros family is after him. Saint Dionysios, despite his great sorrow for the loss of his brother, not only hid the murderer but also escaped him. In this way he managed to prevent another crime and give the perpetrator the opportunity to repent.

Dionysius died at an advanced age on December 17, 1622. He was buried in the Strofades Monastery. During the exhumation, his remains came out indestructible and fragrant. The Church commemorates him on December 17.

Lithograph Agios Dionysios Zakynthos

Using a lithographed copy of Byzantine art, the charismatic hagiographer Nektarios Nastos created this work following the traditional method of artificial aging, as taught on Mount Athos. At the four corners, the icon is painted with a gold finish, between the digging of the artificial aging.


Origin: Mount Athos

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