Panagia Platytera Ourana – Lithograph – Mount Athos

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In hagiography the Platytera of Heaven, the Virgin Mary is usually depicted sitting on a throne carrying Jesus Christ in her arms.

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Platytera of the Heavens is the name of that icon of the Virgin Mary that is painted in the inner upper part of the central niche of the Holy Bema (Sanctuary) of the churches of Orthodoxy.

The Virgin Mary is usually depicted seated on a throne carrying Jesus Christ in her arms. Many times, however, as in this color lithograph, it is also rendered in an upright position with arms outstretched and slightly raised.

The name Widest of the Heavens comes from the characteristic verse of the Akathistos Hymn: Hail the roof of the world, wider cloud.

The hagiographer monk of Mount Athos who took care of the technical aging and the handmade details of the icon of this Virgin Mary follows the centuries-old hagiographic tradition and aging techniques used in the Garden of the Virgin Mary.


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