Panagia Pantanassa – Antique Lithograph – Mount Athos


Lithograph with Panagia Pantanassa painted by a monk of Mount Athos. The hagiographer follows the Byzantine style down to the last detail, creating an amazing work of art.

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Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 1,5 cm

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Lithograph with Panagia Pantanassa

Panagia Pantanassa is depicted enthroned, while in her arms she holds the little Jesus. The original miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary of Pantanassa is portable of the 17th century and is located in the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi. In the Orthodox religion the word Pantanassa is used as one of the hundreds of nicknames of the Virgin Mary, while the word itself means the queen of everything, the lady of the universe.

It is worth mentioning that many miracles are attributed to Pantanassa and one of them concerns a young man who visited the monastery of Vatopedi wanting to worship. However, an invisible force brought him down, and when he recovered he confessed that he had strayed from God’s way, repented, and saved his soul.

Lithograph: Features

This particular icon with the representation of the Virgin Mary as Pantanassa has been created with the technique of lithography. This technique is taught in the hagiography workshops of Mount Athos and is also used by several monks to create exceptional works of art. In this particular case, the hagiographer monk used a lithographed copy of Byzantine art and created this work following the traditional method of artificial aging. He thus created a wonderful work with unique aesthetic value.


Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 1,5 cm

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