Panagia Eptaspathi – Old Lithograph – Mount Athos

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In this rare icon, the Virgin Mary is depicted with her heart pierced by seven swords. The aged lithograph is hand finished and finished with the aging technique.

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Antique lithograph with Virgin Mary Eptaspathi

In this most unusual image, the Virgin appears with her heart pierced by seven swords. In the most common pictorial type we see four swords to her left and three to her right.

Because Catholics have adopted the cult of the “heart of the Mother of God”, many believe that the Virgin of Seven Swords icon is of Catholic origin. In reality, however, the image is related to the prophecy of Saint Simeon the Theodosius, recorded by the evangelist Luke, “and a sword shall pass through her soul…” (Luk. 2.35).

The passage in question refers to the pain that the Virgin would feel at the moment of separation from her beloved Son, when before her eyes He would be led to death on the cross.

Panagia Epta Spathia is also known as “the prophecy of Simeon the Righteous”. He is honored by the Church on August 13.

Lithography Aged: Characteristics

Using a lithographed copy of Byzantine art, the iconographer, a monk of Mount Athos, created this work following the traditional method of artificial aging, which is followed in the Orchard of Panagia.

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