Panagia Athonitissa – Pyrography


An excellent icon with the depiction of Panagia Athonitissa, which combines the art of engraving with that of pyrography, giving an excellent embossed result.

You will find a large collection of this technique in “Mount Athos Heritage”.


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Pyrography with the Depiction of Panagia Athonitissa

An exceptional icon that has been created with the pyrography technique and depicts Panagia Athonitissa.

Standing tall and imposing, Panagia Athonitissa stands protectively over Mount Athos. It is the Virgin Mary who, holding the abbess’ rod, leads, protects and guides the monks of the Athonite State. At its feet you can see all the monasteries of Mount Athos, the beaches and the nature that adorns the third leg of Halkidiki. To the right and left of it are depicted indicatively some of the innumerable saints of Athos.

Over time, people have praised and honored the Virgin Mary like nothing else human. Ecumenical Councils, great Fathers, ascetics, hymn-writers and poets speak about her, praise her. “For she is higher than any measure of doxology,” says St. John of Damascus. There is no service of the Church that is not commemorated, that does not praise and praise the Virgin Mary, as the main mediator between God and men.

On Mount Athos all services are performed with great devoutness. Matins, Vespers, Hours, Compline, Midnight and Divine Liturgies. The Virgin Mary holds a leading position, after the Holy Trinity. The Akathist Hymn, the Paracletic and other Canons, inspired by her form, speak of her and refer to her.

Pyrography: Features

Pyrography is an art that attracts many creators because of the impressive results that can be achieved. It is a painting technique where the two primordial elements of Nature, wood and fire, are used. With patience and attention to detail, the monks create the fire-painted image, paying great attention to the error as it is not corrected as it is done with a pencil.

This image combines the art of engraving with that of pyrography, giving an excellent embossed result.


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