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An excellent iconography depicting Jesus Christ. The icon is crafted entirely by hand in natural linden wood by the hagiographer monk Patir Vasileios of Agiore, who is buried in the Holy Cell of Agios Anthony of the Holy Monastery of Philotheus. Father Vassilios, respecting the tradition of Agioritei, creates unique hagiographies as a deacon.

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Handmade Hagiography On natural linden wood by the hands of the hagiographer, the saintly monk Father Vasilios, who is buried in the Holy Cell of Agios Anthony of the Holy Monastery of Philotheus..
An exceptional iconography depicting Jesus Christ , crafted entirely by hand.

This specific iconography has been crafted by the Agiorite Father Vasilios, based on Byzantine iconography standards. The depiction of the Saint has been painted entirely by hand. Coating the hagiography with pure beeswax ensures that the colors of the image remain unchanged over time.

In all the history of the world, the only conqueror of decay and death is Christ. With his sacrifice on the cross, he definitively defeated death and sin.</p> <p>The Resurrection of Christ is the foundation of the Church. The incarnation of God marks the entrance of the eternal and imperishable into history. Into a world disintegrating in rot and decay, eternity, personified in Christ, invades as the possibility of overcoming death. The Resurrection of Christ constitutes the definitive victory over death, not only as a continuation of biological life but as immortality.</p> <p>Christ is the Savior of the world and the Resurrection of mankind. </p>

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