Silver Cufflinks with Constantinato


Priestly cufflinks of Mount Athos made of silver 925° with Constantinato

Dimension 2 cm

Weight: 18 gr

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Priestly cufflinks of Mount Athos made of silver 925° with Constantinato.

Konstantinato – what it symbolizes:

The history of this special jewel began when Saint Helena found the Holy Cross, cut it in two, left a part of it in Jerusalem and transferred the other to Constantinople. The sawdust that fell from the fragmentation was mixed with other precious metals and from the final union the Constantinople coins were minted. This explains their shape as amulets, which refers to a coin of that time.

Constantinato was named after the Emperor, and depicted on one side Constantine and Helen, and on the other the cross and “Jesus Christ Wins” (ICXC NIKA).

Nowadays we usually offer Constantinato at the birth or baptism of a child but also to loved ones as an amulet. Apart from simple amulets, they are considered to have even miraculous properties. They are placed accompanying icons, while in many parts of Greece, believers bring them every Holy Thursday to churches to celebrate them.


Dimensions: 2 cm

Weight: 18 gr

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