Monastic Cross of Lemos – Gold & Silver – Mount Athos


Silver cross with gilded outline and representations of the Crucifix and the Virgin Mary Agia Zoni. A wonderful handiwork, of excellent quality with emphasis on detail.

Materials: Gold plated silver 925ο

Dimensions: 2.5 x 1 cm.


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Gold Plated Silver Neck Cross

An elegant neck cross made of silver, with an elaborate design and wonderful embossed representations on both sides, while it has a gilded border. Authentic monastic handiwork, crafted by a monk of Mount Athos, which can be an excellent gift for our loved ones, so that they always have the blessing of Christ with them. The cross, the most famous symbol of Christianity, is combined here with the figures of the Virgin Mary holding the Holy Belt and the Crucified Jesus.

Artwork from Mount Athos: What It Depicts

On one side of this cross there is a relief representation of the Virgin Mary with the Holy Zone. The Holy Zone of the Virgin Mary is the only Holy Heirloom related to the earthly life of the Virgin Mary. It is a belt made by the Virgin Mary herself from camel hair and it is said that it reached the hands of the Apostle Thomas in a miraculous way. On the reverse side of the cross there is the representation of the Crucified, with Christ on the cross of martyrdom, the supreme sacrifice   for the sake of humanity.




Materials: Gold plated silver 925o

Dimensions:  2.5 x 1 cm.

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Dimensions 2,5 × 1 cm


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