Theotokos Pocket Watch – Silver – Mount Athos


An elegant pocket watch created by monks of Mount Athos, which bears on its front side a representation of the Virgin Mary Infant. A particularly elegant monastic handiwork, which can be a wonderful gift for our loved ones.

Diameter: 4 cm

Origin: Mount Athos

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Elegant Pocket Watch with the Virgin Mary

An elegant and at the same time functional pocket watch, which is a new addition to the “Mount Athos Heritage”. On its front side and specifically on the door, which opens, there is a representation of Panagia Vrefokratousa, while the dial inside has legible numbers. Both the representations on its front side and the designs on the back side are crafted by monks of Mount Athos.

It is worth mentioning that the name Vrefokratousa is due to the affection and care shown by the Virgin Mary to the little Jesus, whom she holds in her arms. This is one of the many nicknames attributed to the Virgin Mary. The pocket watch is a small work of art, which is among the handicrafts of the monks. An authentic monastic product, which can be a wonderful souvenir or offer it as a gift to loved ones.

Pocket Watch: Features

This pocket watch opens and reveals a wonderful simple dial, while it has a 40cm chain so you can always have it in your pocket throughout the day. Its lid is particularly elegant with the figure of the Virgin Mary standing out in its center.

It is a light and discreet watch that conveys to its owner a sense of romance, without losing its functionality and usability. It works with a round watch battery, which is very easy to replace. A particularly elegant handiwork of the monks of Mount Athos, available from the “Mount Athos Heritage”.


Diameter: 4 cm

Origin: Mount Athos


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