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The holy rosary for the hand is thin, discreet and waxed for greater durability with various colors of beads. Its existence in our hand always reminds us of the power of prayer

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The Mount Athos hand rosary is thin, discreet and waxed for greater durability with various bead colors.

The rosaries are knitted according to a tradition that goes back centuries. Perhaps one of the earliest forms of a means of aiding prayer was the gathering of small stones or seeds and moving them from one point or vessel to another during the “rule” of prayer or the “rule” of small or large penances. It also tells the story of a monk who thought of making simple knots on a rope and using it in his daily “rule” of prayer. But the devil untied the knots from the rope and thwarted the efforts of the poor monk. An Angel then appeared and taught the monk a special knot, as it is now formed on rosaries, consisting of successive Crosses. These knots the devil could not untie because of the presence of the Crosses.

With the help of the rosary, short prayers can be made, such as the publican’s prayer: God, have mercy on me, the prayer to the Mother of God: Most Holy Theotokos, save us, or other short prayers to the Guardian Angel, to individual Saints or to All Saints.The usual form of such a prayer is: Holy Angel – or Holy (deina) intercede for me. By changing the words of these short prayers to “have mercy on us” or “intercede for us” or by including the name or names of people for whom we wish to pray, we can additionally use the rosary to pray for others. The same applies to a prayer for the sleeping: Rest, Lord, the soul of your servant.

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