Rosary with silver cross – 300 knots – Mount Athos

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Made with passion and prayer, the Monastic Prayer Rope stands out for the quality of the materials and its meticulous details. It consists of 300 knots, a silver cross, woolen thread and can be used as an aid for prayer but also as a votive to a church icon.
Knots: 300

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Monastery Prayer Rope with 300 Knots

The Prayer Rope is an authentic handmade monastic product. It is made according to the centuries-old monastic tradition as a handiwork of the monks. Its knots number 300. It stands out thanks to its size and the careful materials used for its construction. The Monastic Rosary can be used by Christians during prayer but also as a votive offering, votive offering, to the Virgin Mary or to a Saint of Orthodoxy.


What is the Offering Prayer Rope made of?

The 300 knots in the Tama Prayer Rope are made of woolen thread. At its end hangs a silver cross, of Russian style, which on its front side bears a relief representation of the Crucifix and on its reverse side has an inscription in the Slavonic ecclesiastical language. In the Tama Prayer Rope, silver beads are inserted every 25 knots, which are framed by black wooden beads.

The Offering Prayer Rope is made upon request.  

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The Offering: What is it and when is it done?

It is an ancient habit, an ancient custom, of believers all over the world. The vow is common in all historical periods and has reached our days. Christians make a vow to Christ, to the Virgin Mary or to a Saint, in return for the help or favor she has done him.  The vow has the same logic that someone offers a gift to a person who served him or helped him in an important job.

The faithful usually give the Saints large candles, gold or silver icons, their jewelry or other objects made of precious materials. All that the faithful usually give and dedicate to the church are called votive offerings or votive offerings.

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