Cord – 33 Knots and a woven cross – Mount Athos


A monastic hand rosary from Mount Athos for blessing and protection. An authentic handiwork from the monks.


Knots: 33

Origin: Mount Athos

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Hand Rope with 33 Knots and Knitted Cross from Mount Athos

The hand rosary, like all rosaries in general, is a genuine ergohand of the monks of Mount Athos. An authentic monastic handiwork, which is also a talisman, which will accompany you every hour of the day. This particular rosary consists of 33 knots and a knitted cross.
A wonderful monastic rosary for blessing and protection. As part of their ministry, the monks of Agiorites create wonderful handicrafts, which they offer for sale in order to maintain the hermitages and cells in which they live.

The Handiwork of the Monks

According to the monastic tradition, each monk is assigned a specific ministry, the most common of which is the creation of ergochiris. Each monk undertakes a task that accompanies him during his monastic life.
However, the patience, endless hours and passion of the monks turn even the simplest manual labor into a labor of love. This particular hand rosary is a new addition to the ergohands, available from the “Holy Heritage” and is, at the same time, a wonderful amulet.


Knots: 33

Origin: Mount Athos

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