Wooden prayer handiwork – 90 beads


With effort and passion, the monks on Mount Athos process wood and create valuable and special handicrafts. The prayer handiwork made of wood accompanies us during the hours of prayer and meditation while offering protection.

Beads: 90

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Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork made of Wood

Mount Athos prayer handiwork is an authentic monastic product that follows the centuries-old tradition of monks’ life in the Garden of the Virgin Mary. It stands out for the quality of its materials and the details in its design.

The handiwork is an important part of the life of the monks who settle in Athos. The Mount Athos fathers accompany their manual work with their fervent prayers. Thus, the products they make carry a special blessing.

The monks on Mount Athos utilize every material to the glory of God. With art and passion, they process wood and create valuable handicrafts which are useful aids for prayer time.

Prayer Handiwork from Wood: Features

The Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork consists of 90 wooden beads.

At the end there is a cross made of wood.

Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork: Use

Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork is a 100% authentic monastic product. During its use, it helps to devote the mind to the words of prayer and praise to God, to concentrate and to maintain inner peace.

It is an Athonite product extremely elegant and beautiful. That is why it is an ideal choice as a gift for your loved ones.

Beads: 90

Origin: Mount Athos

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