Prayer Handiwork – Tear of the Virgin Mary with red beads and cross – 50 Beads


A wonderful prayer handiwork, which is made from the fruits of the plant “tear of the Virgin Mary”. The monks cultivate this plant on Mount Athos and with its fruits create unique handicrafts.


Origin: Mount Athos

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Prayer handiwork from “Tear of the Virgin Mary” with 50 Beads

This prayer handiwork is one of the most beautiful handicrafts created by the Mount Athos fathers. They gather the fruits of the plant “tear of the Virgin Mary”, cultivated on Mount Athos and after a little processing they create wonderful prayer handicrafts. It consists of 50 beads – fruits of the plant “tear of the Virgin Mary”, at its end a small cross has been placed, while at its end there are impressive fringes.

This prayer handiwork is available with red fringes. In fact, among the fruits of the plant “tear of the Virgin Mary” there are small discreet beads in red color, which match the color of the fringes of the needlework. Prayer handicrafts are one of the most characteristic and particularly beloved products, made by the monks of Mount Athos and have their roots in the well-known rosaries, which are used during prayer.

“Tear of the Virgin Mary”: Name & Symbolism

The prayer handiwork accompanies our prayers and helps us maintain our concentration, while it can also be used as an amulet, which we carry with us to feel the presence of Christ and the Virgin Mary in every step we take. This particular handiwork, however, stands out, as it is made from the fruits of the plant “tear of the Virgin Mary”, while due to its excellent quality it can be a wonderful gift for our loved ones.

Tradition says that this plant grew under the cross of Christ from the tears of the Virgin Mary, which fell on the earth while she mourned for the martyrdom and loss of Her only son. However, there is a second version. According to her, a monk sat in sorrow because he could not learn to knit a rosary. Then the Virgin Mary appeared to him and asked him why he was sad. He replied, “I can’t learn to knit a rosary.” Then the Virgin Mary gave him the seeds of this plant and said to him: “Take my tears, cultivate them and make prayer rosaries. And he said, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on Me; Blessed Virgin Mary save us.”



Origin: Mount Athos

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