Prayer Handiwork – Nutmeg – Mount Athos


Made with the passion of Mount Athos monks, as part of their ministry, this prayer handiwork is a particularly elegant handiwork. It consists of 35 beads of natural nutmeg wood.

Origin: Mount Athos Beads: 35

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Mount Athos prayer handiwork with natural nutmeg wood and 35 beads

A wonderful handiwork of Mount Athos, which stands out for its distinctive design, but also for the craftsmanship and passion with which it has been created. It consists of 35 beads of natural nutmeg wood, which give off their wonderful aroma, while there is a small metal cross embedded.

Prayer handicrafts, like rosaries, are the most common handicrafts of monks on Mount Athos. They are part of the ministry assigned to them, while in this way they also cover livelihood expenses. At the same time, with the proceeds from their sales, they carry out restoration works in the cells or huts where they live. This prayer handiwork can be a wonderful gift for family and friends.

Mount Athos prayer handiwork: Features

Mount Athos prayer handicrafts

stand out, as they are particularly elegant and worked with unparalleled technique, while they always have a built-in metal cross, the most famous symbol of the Christian faith. This particular handiwork is handmade, monastic and consists of a total of 35 beads. Mount Athos prayer handiwork can help those who pray to concentrate better, while at the same time it can help people who use it to remove tension and anxiety.

Origin: Mount Athos

Beads: 35

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