Prayer Handiwork – Nutmeg – Mount Athos


Made with effort and prayer by the hands of Mount Athos fathers, the Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork is a special monastic handicraft. The 33 beads of the prayer handiwork are made of organic matter and stand out with the sweet aroma of nutmeg they emit.

Beads: 33
Color: Brown

The colors on the cross and tassel are randomly selected by the Monastery. You can call us at 2392112714 to inform you about availability.


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Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork with Natural Nutmeg Wood and 33 beads

Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork is an authentic monastic product, which follows the centuries-old tradition of monks’ life in the Garden of the Virgin Mary.

The handiwork is an important part of the life of the monks who settle in Athos. The Mount Athos fathers accompany their manual work with their fervent prayers. Thus, the products they make carry a special blessing.


Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork: Use

The Prayer Handiwork is a 100% authentic monastic handiwork. During its use, it helps to concentrate and maintain inner peace. It retains the sweet aroma of nutmeg, giving a feeling of calm to the one who uses it.

The prayer handiwork is an Athonite product extremely tasteful and beautiful. That is why it is an ideal choice as a gift for your loved ones. The “Mount Athos Heritage” has a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in Mount Athos prayer handicrafts.


Origin: Mount Athos
Beads: 33
Color: Brown

The colors on the cross and tassel come in random selection by the Monastery.   

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