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Prayer handicrafts are one of the most characteristic items made by the monks of Mount Athos. Their creation is a tradition on Mount Athos and is lost in the depths of the centuries. This prayer handiwork consists of wooden beads, ends in a small simple black cross and at its end is decorated with fringes.


Beads: 55
Length: 29 cm

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Wooden Prayer Handiwork from Mount Athos

Prayer handicrafts have their roots in the well-known rosaries used for centuries by the monks of Mount Athos during their prayers. This one consists of 50 wooden beads in dark brown color and 5 wooden beads in light brown. At its end there is a simple wooden cross and decorative fringes.

The Mount Athos prayer handiwork accompanies our prayers, as it helps us maintain our concentration. It can also be worn as an amulet, hung in our home, carried with us in the car or even in the bag to feel the presence of Christ in every step we take. Prayer handicrafts are the way in which many monks make a living, while in other cases the proceeds from the sales of these exceptional needlework are intended for repairs in cells on Mount Athos.

Wooden Prayer Handiwork: Use

It is speculated that Saint Pachomius was the first to look for a way that would help the monks in discipline and concentration during prayer, but also in the enumeration of wishes. According to Christian tradition, one night the Archangel Gabriel visited Saint Pachomius in his sleep and explained to him how he would make the tool that would serve the needs of prayer. Thus, it is estimated that the first prayer rosary was created and from then on all the handicrafts of a similar type that help in prayer.

The use of prayer handiwork can also help us calm down and relax from the tension of the day or even act as an aid in our effort to quit a bad habit such as smoking, while giving strength to its owner.

Beads: 55
Length: 29 cm

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