Prayer handiwork – Tear of the Virgin Mary and Cross – Mount Athos

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The prayer handiwork with “Tears of the Virgin Mary and a cross at the end is one of the most beautiful handicrafts made by the monks of Mount Athos. It is made from the fruits of the plant, which bears the name “tear of the Virgin Mary and which has been cultivated for many years on Mount Athos.


Beads: 33 & 50

Origin: Mount Athos


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Prayer handiwork with “tears of the Virgin Mary” and cross at the end

The prayer handiwork with “Tears of the Virgin Mary” is a special Mount Athos handiwork that stands out for its quality, but also for the difficult work required for its construction. The monks collect the fruits of the “teardrop of the Virgin Mary” plant, which are usually light-skinned, and then pierce them and match them together to make these unique handicrafts.

This prayer handiwork is available in two sizes with 33 and 50 “tears”, which are separated by metal beads. At their end there is a large metal cross with representations of the Virgin Mary and Saints.

The “tears” of the Virgin Mary in tradition

According to a tradition, this plant grew under the cross of Christ from the tears of the Virgin Mary, which fell on the earth watching the martyrdom of her only son and thus got its name.

Another tradition says that these handicrafts were made after the appearance of the Virgin Mary to a monk of Mount Athos. The monk, always according to this tradition, sat sad because he could not learn to knit prayer ropes. At some point the Virgin Mary appeared before him and when he asked him why he was crying, he bowed his head and explained to Her his problem. Then, the Virgin Mary gave him the fruits of this plant, telling him: “Take my tears, cultivate them and make prayer rosaries.”

The sowing of this plant usually takes place towards the end of spring, while the harvest of its fruits by the monks begins in early October.


Beads: 33 & 50

Origin: Mount Athos


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