Prayer Handiwork – Rosary of Prophet Elias – 33 Knots – Mount Athos


A wonderful prayer handiwork made of thermal beads that change color according to your mood. It is a monastic handiwork from Mount Athos, which stands out for its quality and elegance.

Origin: Mount Athos

Beads: 33

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Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork 33 Knots from Thermal Beads

Wonderful handmade prayer handiwork of 33 knots made of thermal beads that change color according to your mood. Between the beads there are scattered metal beads in gold color while it ends in a metal element bearing a cross in gold color decorated with semiprecious stones. Handiwork for Mount Athos monks is an integral part of their daily lives. Besides, one of the most widespread occupations of monks is the creation of prayer handicrafts, which consist either of knots or of wooden or semi-precious stone beads. In this way they create useful aids for prayer time.

The beads on the rosary of Prophet Elias change color, between 7 different ones, depending on the mood of the person wearing it.

Emotions stones don’t just allow you to show your feelings. They allow you to eliminate stress and get rid of bad energy.
Keeping the stone on you while you sleep allows you to have a deeper and better sleep.

What Do the Colors on the Rosary of Prophet Elijah Symbolize

Red: this color is the color par excellence of passion and symbolizes love, unity, anger, and drive
Orange: this color symbolizes joy, happiness, friendship, warmth and optimism
Yellow: this color symbolizes creation, joy and glory, but also hatred and cowardice
Green: this color symbolizes hope, rebirth, maturity, prosperity and resurrection
Blue: this color symbolizes calmness and sweetness, stability, clear thinking, seriousness and purity of soul
Brown: this color helps you stay calm and, thanks to the connection with fertile land, allows you to find family happiness and well-being
Violet (purple): is the color of intellect, wealth and luxury.

Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork – Use

This particular Mount Athos prayer handiwork consists of 33 beads of Thermal Beads. The prayer handiwork helps a lot in concentrating the mind during prayer. In every knot or bead that someone passes between his fingers, he says a prayer, the most frequent of which is: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”. According to Christian tradition, prayer ropes and prayer handicrafts in general have their origin in Saint Pachomius in 320 AD. Specifically, the Saint began to look for a way that would help the monks in concentration during prayer, but also in their numbering. Then the Archangel Gabriel visited him in his sleep and showed him how to make the tool that would serve the needs of prayer.

Origin: Mount Athos

Beads: 33

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