Prayer Handiwork – Prayer Rope – 33 Knots – Mount Athos


A wonderful prayer handiwork made of gray amber. It is a monastic handiwork from Mount Athos, which stands out for its quality and elegance.

The tassel and cross may differ from the prayer rope in the photo***

Origin: Mount Athos

Beads: 33

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Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork 33 Knots of Grey Amber

Wonderful handmade prayer handiwork of 33 knots made with gray amber or otherwise Sea Amber. Between the amber grey beads, there are scattered metallic beads in gold color and ending in a small metal cross.

Amber grey or amber, amber or amber is a solid, waxy, flammable substance with a dull gray or black color produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. Although initially its aroma is not particularly pleasant, with the passage of time it acquires a sweet, earthy smell that is not far from that of pine or tobacco. Amber gray is rare and takes many years to form. For this reason, sea amber beads are extremely valuable.

Handiwork for Mount Athos monks is an integral part of their daily lives. Besides, one of the most widespread occupations of monks is the creation of prayer handicrafts, which consist either of knots or of wooden or semi-precious stone beads. In this way they create useful aids for prayer time.

Mount Athos Prayer Handiwork – Use

This particular Mount Athos prayer handiwork consists of 33 beads of Grey Amber. The prayer handiwork helps a lot in concentrating the mind during prayer. In every knot or bead that someone passes between his fingers, he says a prayer, the most frequent of which is: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”. According to Christian tradition, prayer ropes and prayer handicrafts in general have their origin in Saint Pachomius in 320 AD. Specifically, the Saint began to look for a way that would help the monks in concentration during prayer, but also in their numbering. Then the Archangel Gabriel visited him in his sleep and showed him how to make the tool that would serve the needs of prayer.

Origin: Mount Athos

Beads: 33

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