Tama Metal Woman


Tama metal Woman.

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Dimensions: 4,5 x 11,5 cm


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Tama Metal Woman

What is a Tama :

If we want to give a brief definition, as noted in a book of the Holy Monastery of Paracletos, we can say that a vow is the conscious promise of some good deed or offering to God, the Virgin Mary or our Saints. It is a fact that there are many different interpretations on this subject.

With the vow we bind our conscience. It is precisely this commitment of conscience that distinguishes the vow from mere intention or even firm decision. How and When can we make a vow? Regarding how – when we can make a vow, it needs to be said that a prerequisite is calm and mature thinking, without pressure, coercion, fear or violence and with full awareness of what and to whom we promise.

We also cannot make vows that concern other persons, or things and matters that do not directly concern us. They also cannot refer to others without their consent. Attention should also be paid to the object of the offering, which should be good and holy. What is useless and unseemly cannot be the object of offerings.

We should also not make a vow, even a holy one, if its fulfillment is incompatible with other important obligations of our lives. e.g. A mother cannot order a multi-day pilgrimage to a holy place if for the fulfillment of her vow she must leave her young children alone and unprotected.

We also need to know that for our vow to be welcomed by God, it must be the fruit of genuine reverence, accompanied by repentance, a struggle against sin, and the advancement of virtue. Offerings without correction of life and hope of salvation are useless.

Fulfillment of the Offering. The fulfillment of the vow needs to be possible-feasible in a reasonable time and not indefinitely. By ordering something that we cannot fulfill, we are showing disrespect and frivolity.

An Old Testament book, Ecclesiastes, states: When you order something to God, do not take long to fulfill it, because God does not like frivolous people. So whatever classes you fulfill. Better not to order than to order and not to fulfill your vow (5,3-4).

Net weight : 6 gr

Dimensions: 4,5 x 11,5 cm

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