Neck Cross – Walnut Wood – 33 Knots – Mount Athos


This elegant wooden neck cross is made of wood, while its cord functions as a rosary with a total of 33 knots.

Cross dimensions: 4.5X3

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Wooden Neck Cross from Mount Athos

The wooden carved neck cross from Mount Athos is a wonderful handiwork made by monks. The cord of the cross is essentially a rosary, which consists of a total of 33 knots. The holy fathers make the wooden neck crosses giving them their blessing, which is why it is a unique amulet for whoever wears it.

One of the most beautiful works of the holy fathers. It is, after all, known that in every monastery the monks are charged with one task, one deacon. And one of the most common ministries is the creation of handicrafts, such as rosaries and wooden crosses, which in most cases are sold in order to use the proceeds for restoration work in cells and hermitages of Mount Athos, which have been damaged by time.

Neck Cross: What does it symbolize

The cross we wear around the neck is a talisman, which not only protects its owner, as it is a symbol sanctified by the very sacrifice of Jesus, but also carries the blessings of the holy fathers. The cross is the best known and most powerful symbol of Christianity. It was sanctified and blessed by the sacrifice of Jesus, who was crucified to take upon himself all sins. A sacrifice of love and mercy with the sole purpose of saving humanity. The cross is for all Christians the strongest talisman for this reason and every prayer we make begins and ends with the cross. An authentic Saint Ergochiros, which can also be a wonderful gift for our loved ones, so that they always have the blessing of Christ with them.

Cross dimensions: 4.5X3

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