Prayer Cord Bord with Silver Cross – 50 Thick Knots – Mount Athos


A lovely 50 knot Prayer Cord with a silver plated cross on the end. An authentic monastic product made by the holy fathers.

Cross dimensions: 2X4

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Prayer Cord with 50 knots with Silver cross.

This specific prayer rosary is a genuine monastic handwork, while it consists of 50 knots, at the end of which there is a silver-plated Cross. It is made by holy fathers as part of the ministry, which they have undertaken, with great care and love. It is characteristic that prayer hands are the most well-known monastic hands, in accordance, after all, with the tradition of Mount Athos. The monks with the income from the rosaries and prayer hands cover their livelihood needs or maintenance work in cells and hermitages.

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The rosary usually consists of 33 or 100 knots, however it can be even longer with 200 or 300 knots.

It is an essential prayer aid for monks, clergy and laity. Specifically, each time a prayer (usually short) is said we count a knot. Thus the number of repetitions or the passage of time can be controlled.

According to the Christian tradition, the rosaries have their origin in Saint Pachomius in 320 AD. In particular, the Blessed One began to look for some way that would help the monks in self-concentration during prayer. Then the Archangel Gabriel visited him in his sleep and showed him how to make the tool that would serve the needs of prayer. This is how the rosary was created as a gift from God to people.

Cross dimensions: 2X4

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