Carved wooden neck amulet with Agios Dimitrios – Mount Athos


Monastic wood-carved neck amulet with Agios Dimitrios, from Mount Athos.  Wear it around your neck to protect the Saint or give it as a gift to your loved ones.


Dimensions of Carved Wooden Amulet: 4 x 3 cm.


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Carved Wooden Neck Amulet with Agios Dimitrios, From Mount Athos

A wonderful monastic wood-carved amulet with Agios Dimitrios.

The wood-carved amulet is made of linden or cherry wood, has a leather cord and the clasp is Silver 925o, by monks with great skill in wood processing. In a relatively small size so that you can wear it and feel that you always have the Grace and protection of the Saints close to you.

On the back of the amulet is written the exact name of the representation.

Agios Dimitrios, Myrovlitis (26 October)

Agios Dimitrios (280 – 284 AD) was the son of an aristocratic family in Thessaloniki. At the age of 22 he rose through the ranks of the Roman army to the rank of chiliarch.  When Diocletian was emperor, he became a Christian and was imprisoned for ignoring Emperor Diocletian’s decree “on the denial of Christianity.”

In prison he gave his blessing to Nestor, defeated in a duel the terrible gladiator of the time Lyaeus, causing the wrath of the emperor, who ordered them both to be killed. The body of the Saint was buried in the place of martyrdom and myrrh gushed, hence the nickname of Myrovlitos.

Today Agios Dimitrios is honored as the patron saint of Thessaloniki.

Dimensions of Carved Wooden Amulet: 4 x 3 cm.

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