Carved wooden neck amulet with Agios Nikolaos – Mount Athos


Monastic wood-carved neck amulet with Saint Nicholas from Mount Athos.  Wear it around your neck to protect the Saint or give it as a gift to your loved ones.


Dimensions of Carved Wooden Amulet: 4 x 3 cm.


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Carved wooden neck amulet with Saint Nicholas from Mount Athos

A wonderful monastic wood-carved amulet with Agios Nikolaos.

The wood-carved amulet is made of linden or cherry wood, has a leather cord and its clasp is Silver 925o, by monks with great skill in wood processing. In a relatively small size so that you can wear it and feel that you always have the Grace and protection of the Saints close to you.

On the back of the amulet is written the exact name of the representation.

Agios Nikolaos (6 December)

Saint Nicholas was born in the 3rd century AD in Patara, Lycia, to pious and wealthy parents. At a young age he was left an orphan and heir to a large fortune. But Nicholas, inspired by philanthropic feelings, gave his fortune to alms.

He then devoted himself to the ascetic life, but because of his special virtue he was honored, without seeking it, initially with the office of priest and then with that of archbishop of Myron. From this position he lovingly led his flock and boldly confessed the truth. For this reason he was arrested by the local rulers and thrown into prison. He was freed and restored to the archbishopric throne when Constantine the Great ascended to the imperial throne.  He took part in the First Ecumenical Council, where he stood out for his wisdom and moral perfection.

Dimensions of Carved Wooden Amulet: 4 x 3 cm.

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