Stavros Keychain – Thread – Mount Athos


Mount Athos key rings in the shape of a cross. They are made with thick thread and have a small silver cross in the center.

Available in white and black.

Dimensions 5 x 4 cm

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Knotted cross-shaped key ring – Authentic Mount Athos handiwork

A beautiful authentic Mount Athos handiwork worked with great care by the monks of Mount Athos, which apart from its use as a key ring is also an amazing cross that we can have with us to always remind us of the Presence and Grace of Christ. Made with the same technique and the same thread, used in rosaries, consists in its entirety of knots, while in its center there is a small silver cross. It is hand-crafted with thread so that it is particularly durable, while the cross is of Russian type.

The key rings in the shape of a cross are a new addition to the handicrafts available from the “Mount Athos Heritage”, for which the Athonite State is famous. But what gives them even more value are the prayers of the monks while creating these small masterpieces. The Mount Athos fathers use the proceeds from the sale of their monastic handicrafts for conservation and restoration work in Cells and Sketes of Mount Athos. With each purchase of a unique handmade handiwork, each of us contributes to this effort of the monks to preserve in time the unique beauty of the Athonite State.

The key ring in the shape of a cross with thick thread is available in black, It is very easy to use and tasteful made with love and great care by the Mount Athos fathers.

Available in white and black.

Dimensions: 5 x 4cm

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