Bracelet – White Agate Taye – Mount Athos


A special and elegant monastic handiwork made of semiprecious stones with the passion and art of the monks of Mount Athos. The White Agate Bracelet with built-in cross adorns your hand and is an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Beads: 12

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White Agate Bracelet with Integrated Cross

The Agate Bracelet with Integrated Cross is a unique and elegant monastic handiwork. It is made with care by Orthodox monks and conveys their blessings to those who wear it.

The monks on Mount Athos utilize every material to the glory of God. With art and passion, they process semi-precious stones and create precious handicrafts which, apart from jewelry, also act as protection for Christians as they bear the symbol of the cross.

Agate Bracelet: Features

The monastic bracelet consists of 12 beads made of White Agate. Between these beads, there are small discreet beads in silver color as well as a discreet cross.

The agate bracelet, lightweight, elegant and discreet, is worn constantly and is an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Handiwork: The Ministry of the Monks

The daily life of the monks includes a lot of prayer and participation in all worship services held in the monastery church. At the same time, however, all monks are entrusted with a ministry, a job within the monastery.

The most common occupation of monks is handiwork. The manufacture of a variety of products with their own hands, based on monastic tradition. These handmade products, made with effort and passion, carry the blessings of monastic tradition.

Beads: 12

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