Bracelet – Sunstone & Gold Metal Cross


A special and very beautiful bracelet made of semiprecious stones. The sunstone bracelet with built-in gold metal cross is ideal to decorate your hand but also to offer it as a gift to your loved ones.

Beads: 21

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Sunstone Bracelet


The bracelet consists of a total of 21 beads, all of which are made of Sunstone stone. Between the beads of the bracelet, there is a small discreet metal cross in gold color.

The sunstone bracelet, elegant and impressive, is worn all the time and is an ideal gift for your loved ones.

A few words about the Sunstone:

It belongs to the large mineralogical family of feldspars such as labradorite and moonstone. Its colors range in shades of golden, orange, and light brown, it is usually translucent, and not amenable to color enhancement. It presents an impressive iridescence, due to the inclusions of hematite it contains. It has a hardness of 6, and a specific gravity of 2.65. The most important deposits are located in Canada, USA, India, Norway and Russia.

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