Bracelet – Sunstone, Amethyst & Gold Metal Cross


A special and very beautiful bracelet made of semiprecious stones. The sunstone & amethyst bracelet with built-in gold metal cross is ideal to decorate your hand but also to offer it as a gift to your loved ones.

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Sunstone & Amethyst Bracelet


The bracelet consists of a total of 23 beads where ten are made of Sunstone stone and the remaining thirteen are made of Amethyst stone. Between the beads of the bracelet, there is a small discreet metal cross in gold color.

The sunstone & amethyst bracelet, elegant and impressive, is worn all the time and is an ideal gift for your loved ones.

A few words about the Sunstone:

It belongs to the large mineralogical family of feldspars such as labradorite and moonstone. Its colors range in shades of golden, orange, and light brown, it is usually translucent, and not amenable to color enhancement. It presents an impressive iridescence, due to the inclusions of hematite it contains. It has a hardness of 6, and a specific gravity of 2.65. The most important deposits are located in Canada, USA, India, Norway and Russia.

A few words about Amethyst:

Amethyst is a violet (violet or purple colored) variant of the mineral quartz and is used for decorative purposes as a gemstone.  The ancient Greeks and Romans brought amethyst jewelry and drank from utensils decorated with amethyst, believing that they would not get drunk.

Amethyst was used as a gemstone by the ancient Egyptians and other ancient peoples. In various museums and collections there are vases, plates and masterpieces made of amethyst. Amethyst beads are found in Anglo-Saxon tombs in England. It was considered a symbol for heavenly understanding and for pioneers in thought and action on a philosophical, religious, spiritual and material level.

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