Jasper Bracelet & Metal Cross


A special and very beautiful bracelet made of semiprecious stones. The jasper bracelet, also known as Jasper with built-in cross, is ideal to decorate your hand but also to offer it as a gift to your loved ones.

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Jasper bracelet


The bracelet consists of a total of 25 beads. Twenty-four of them are made of Jasper stone. This semi-precious stone is also known as Jasper. There is also an embossed metal bead in silver color. Between the beads from the bracelet, a small discreet metal cross is inserted.

The jasper bracelet, elegant and impressive, is worn constantly and is an ideal gift for your loved ones.

A few words about Jasper:

It is an opaque variety of chalcedony, in shades of yellow-red-brown.This color is due to various iron oxides. It often shows streaks or spots.

The word jasper is Greek, referring to Theophrastus and the Bible. The interest in this mineral is the waters and streaks present on its surface. These shapes are grouped, and scholars have given the corresponding stones various poetic names: Ocean Jasper (Ocean), Biggs Jasper (barley), Poppy Jasper (poppy), Butte Jasper (mountain), etc.

A variety of jasper is called heliotrope, but we also find it under the name bloodstone. Unlike the other varieties of jasper, which were baptized in recent years, the sunflower has been known by both names since medieval times. For its name, legend said that the red spots on the surface of the stone come from the blood of Christ who fell after his crucifixion on the stone. That is why it was used to carve scenes from the crucifixion of Christ, and scenes from the martyrdom of saints.

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